Types of spa massages and their benefits

While going to the spa clinic has become a fashion today, our unawareness can only deprive us from reaping the benefits of the spa therapy optimally! What we mean to say is that you have to know the benefits of each spa treatment in order to know if it is going to work for you.

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Therefore, here are some spa services recommended by professionals rendering massage services Singapore for your reference along with their benefits. Read about them.

  • Swedish massage

If you are planning to head for a massage session for the first time, the Swedish massage is ideal for you. The Swedish massage is also recommended for people who are suffering from minor pains and aches for quite sometimes.

This massage session usually lasts for an hour to 90 minutes. The masseurs usually incorporate four different kinds of massaging technique in a particular session that involves kneading, deep tissue massage, vibrating and tapping and long stokes.

However, one important feature of the Swedish massage is that you are supposed to keep yourself undressed during the massage session. Nevertheless, your underwear can be put on if you desire so. But be prepared for it that the specific area of tenderness or soreness shall be kept bare during the massage session.

  • Deep tissue massage

People suffering from chronic pain and soreness are often recommended deep tissue massage. Muscular imbalance or musculoskeletal imbalances also get cured through regular sessions of deep tissue massage.  Patients suffering from muscular tension can also opt for this therapy.

Basically what makes deep tissue massage different from other forms of massage is that the masseurs give deeper and more concentrated pressure during the massage session. Thus, the action creates deeper impact that travels to the deeper layers of the tissues.

For your further information, this massage technique lasts for an average duration of an hour. During the session, the masseurs use deeper finger pressures and work up long strokes throughout the sore area.

  • Stone therapy

The stone therapy has been around for quite sometimes now and is extremely popular among patients suffering from intense stress, stiffened muscles, and aggravated conditions of muscular tension.

What makes this spa massagetherapy unique is that stones are considered as magical weapons in this session. Speaking more precisely, heated stones are used by the masseurs as complementary tools in their massage session. These stones are gently rubbed over the sore area during the spa session. This massage session lasts for an approximate duration of 90 minutes and is worth trying out even if you are looking forward to a relaxing session after a long day of strenuous work.


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