Easy and quick foot spa recipes for busy women

Are you a busy woman? Do your domestic or professional chores demand that you stand on your feet for sixteen to seventeen hours a day roughly for sixteen to seventeen hours a day on an average?

Then we would say that your feet deserve some care and attention from you. However, this suggestion might startle many of you reading this article as your busy schedule does not allow you to devote enough time for your personal grooming.

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But, do not worry as you do understand your commitments. So, we have compiled and shared two easy and quick foot spa recipes shared by professionals at the best spa in Singapore. Check them out!

  • Sugar and lemon foot scrub

We believe that you do not skip your regular showers at least, no matter how busy you remain throughout the day.

So, capitalize this bathing time for removing dryness, dullness and patches from your feet.

You need a tablespoon of big grained sugar and few drops of lemon juice for the purpose. Mix the ingredients well and massage all over the skin of your feet for two to three minutes in circular motion and then wash off with ample of plain water.

Follow this recipe in a regimented manner for two times a week, and your fairer feet will simply startle you!

  • Rosemary, olive oil and peppermint foot mask

If you are too fond of herbs and essential oils then this quick foot mask is sure to leave you mesmerized. The reasons are quite understandable from the name itself.

Yes, this mask contains pounded rosemary herbs and drops of peppermint essential oil.

Once you collect these principle ingredients, you need to work up a gooey mixture with these ingredients by mixing a teaspoonful of pure olive oil to it. Blend well and apply all over your feet at shower.

Do not worry as we would not ask you to wait for hours in the bathroom for ensuring that the foot mask has dried up. As a matter of fact, it will not dry up as it contains generous amounts of olive oil in it.

Basically, this foot mask is a wonder recipe for people who suffer from dry, tout and wrinkled feet and feel really embarrassed about it.

So, you just need to leave the mask on for maximum duration of two to five minutes and then wash off with plain water. 

Believe us; the hydrating effect that that this mask creates on the skin of your feet will be visible right from the first application.  Perhaps, it is now self explanatory what results you will get if you use this mask at least once a week at bath for few months.


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