Hair care regime for winters

Winter months are never much welcoming for your hair and skin. Specifically if you consider your hair then you are bound to find that this chilling season tends to put lots of stress on your most loved possession. It tends to become dry and frizzy. The scalp also becomes vulnerable to dandruff and stickiness.

But here are some ways that can really ensure that your hair will continue to be your most precious possession to flaunt during the winters too. So, check out the tips.

  • Indulge into proper protection

 Winter has the same amount of harmful elements as that of summer that can wreck havoc to your tresses. 

If you are interested to know what these elements are, they are snow, chilling wind, smog, wet and murky weather all around, and literally anything that you find around yourself. 

So, wear a scarf, hat, bandana or anything you prefer to cover your hair from these climatic menaces every time you go out during the chills. This way, your tresses remain well protected against environmental damage.

  • Shampoo wisely

Shampooing your hair needs serious consideration during winters. You need this because the smog all around tends to make your hair and scalp greasy and increase the chances of outbreak of dandruff.  Eventually, you experience hair fall at an alarming rate.

However, there is no hard and fast rule on how often you must wash and rinse your hair.  The thumb rule is that you can shampoo your manes every time your scalp and hair feels greasy.

Nonetheless, you must additionally remember that shampooing too often than required is not recommended at all as it will strip off natural oil from your scalp.

Moreover, you can swear by herbal shampoos for this season as they do not have any harmful chemicals in them which can make your scalp dry.  Perhaps this is the reason many online brands give out gift vouchers online against the purchase of herbal products during this season.

  • Oil it up

Your hair craves for an invigorating oil therapy during the chills. Basically, oiling your hair makes your scalp and manes remain hydrated.

Moreover, oiling the hair during winters also help in locking in natural oil and moisture and keeping your tresses soft, lustrous and manageable.

If the idea appears welcoming to you then insist upon oiling your hair at least once every week and make it stay as it is overnight.  Never forget to rinse off liberally the next day.

If you are able to heat the oil, the benefits will simply multiply. The reason behind this is, you are making all the ingredients present in the oil active!

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