Massage therapies that are worth spending your festive season spa gift vouchers on

Are you thinking of getting a body massage in your favourite spa with the spa gift vouchers you have collected this festive season? In case you have not opted for any body massage yet, here are some suggestions from a reputed spa in the city. Each of these therapies is unique in the manner that they bring overall wellness. So, take a look at these therapies and make this festive season a happening one:

  • Candle Massage

The candle massage is meant for those who feel extremely exhausted and worn out.   

When you use your spa gift vouchers for a few sessions of candle massages, you will be treated to a room that would mesmerize you with the enchanting aroma of scented candles and aromatic essential oils.

Thus, when you step out of the room after a span of around onehour, you will feel completely rejuvenated.

  • Lomi Lomi Massage

If your work and life balance is making intensely stressed, you need therapy that would soothe your stressed nerves and make you feel invigorated from within you.  You can get this feeling only when you spend your spa gift vouchers for a few sessions of the Lomi Lomi massage.

The major feature of this massage therapy lies in its traditional Polynesian fluid rhythmic massage and gentle strokes that are given over a span of sixty to ninety minutes depending upon the customer’s preference.

At the end of the massage session, you will find that your stress and anxiety have been pacified to a great extent.

  • Hot Stone Therapy

If you suffer from chronic problems like arthritis, insomnia, depression, sclerosis and alike that make you consume loads of medicines on a regular basis, the hot stone therapy is just meant for you.  

This therapy improves the effectiveness of the treatment for these diseases while negating the harmful side effects of the medicines. When you use your spa gift vouchers for getting a few sessions of hot stone therapy, the masseurs would apply pre-heated volcanic stones on key nodes of your body.

 The sensation that will be created inside your body, as a result, will promote normal blood circulation and flushing out of the toxins from your system.  

After having regimented sessions of hot stone therapy, you are bound to experience positive changes in your body.

  • Thai Massage

This is one of the popular massage techniques followed in spa clinics today. The majority of the clients who visit the popular spa clinics of the town spend their spa gift vouchers on this massage session because it is believed to strengthen the natural immunity of the body.  

You can experience the benefits of these sixty to ninety minutes of Thai massage right from the first session in the form of complete rejuvenation, easing of body stiffness and mental wellbeing.


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