Benefits of foot massage

Foot massage is no longer treated as a mere extension of a beauty service that you avail at any beauty salon.  The range of medical benefits it offers will surely influence everyone to book an appointment at a reputed spa and get a pampering foot massage.

  • Reduces blood pressure

If you have been suffering from high blood pressure for quite some time, make some scheduled visits to your choicest spas and get a few sessions of foot massage. Your blood pressure level is bound to stay within the limit. 

  • Cures edema

Edema is a common problem among pregnant women. It is characterized by the deposition of fluid in the feet and ankles. Since pregnancy is a sensitive phase when too much of strong medicines can be harmful to the growing fetus, foot massage is widely recommended. You will be surprised to know that regimented sessions of foot massage for a stretch of seven days give instant results.

  • Immunity booster

A strong immune system is capable of keeping the body resistant to many diseases.  We are often advised to eat healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts to boost our immunity. If this can be combined with regular sessions of foot massage at a renowned body spa clinic, it will improve your immunity even more.  Basically, foot massage helps in improving blood circulation, muscle health and the reflex system. All these work towards strengthening your body’s defence system.

  • Improvement in libido

If your conjugal life is creating grave issues in your married life, a foot massage is highly recommended for you.  Sometimes extreme stress and exhaustion wreak havoc on the sex life. Again, the accumulation of toxins in the body also contributes towards making you lethargic. Eventually, your tiredness increases day by day and makes you disinterested in sex day by day too.  Once you visit the spa for a foot massage, your muscles will feel relaxed again and you will be completely rejuvenated.  Your conjugal relationship will also improve gradually. In case you have a spa voucher, it will be a bonus for you. Avail it and smile your health issues away.


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