Reasons why expecting mothers need massage during winters

Are you expecting? If your delivery date falls somewhere within the winter months then it is highly recommended that you opt for regimented sessions of prenatal massage. In case you have still not opted for such a massage session, here are the reasons why you must seriously think about it. Read out to know in details.

  • Combat mental jitters effectively

While winter is all about celebrations and merriment, the long and dark winter nights tend to make us quite gloomy at times.  Situations become even pathetic for expecting mothers who experience mood upswings as a common side effect of pregnancy.  If untreated, sometimes pregnancy related depression reaches such a peak level that it tends to make a woman suicidal!

If you are really concerned now and wish to avoid such a situation, go for regular sessions of traditional massage Singapore or elsewhere.  For your information, let us tell you that strokes and pressures that the masseurs give the sensitive nodes of your body during this phase works in effective hormone regulation.

Speaking more precisely, such massaging session reduces the production of stress and depression causing Cortisol and Norepinephrine hormones and increase the production of the happy hormones named Dopamine and Serotonin.  Eventually, women enjoy your pregnancy and do not feel depressed at all.

  • Handle swelling effectively

Swelling of the legs, knees, face and other parts of the body is a common problem that pregnant women face. Basically, the expanding belly and the enlarging reproductive organs within the female body tend to create pressure upon the major blood vessels that promote regular blood flow throughout the entire body. 

In winters, things worsen further because diminished physical activity tends to obstruct proper blood flow through the nerves, nodes and vital organs. Eventually, pregnant women experience even more swelling of different parts of the body during this season.

Regular massage therapy is highly recommended during this phase of expecting motherhood in order to keep swelling of the joints, feet, and other parts of the body within control. Eventually, you feel much better than ever even during the peak winters.

  • Reduction in aches and pains

Change in the physiological structure of females is a common phenomenon associated with pregnancy. Enlargement of various vital organs and glands inside the female body specially towards the final trimester of pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby inside the womb and provide for its basic needs comes with aches and pains as obvious side effects.

While these aches and pains still remain within bounds during other parts of the year, in winters the sensation of pain aggravates and often becomes unbearable. Such situations are effectively handled when pregnant women go for regular sessions of massage therapy.

Actually, the strokes at different nerve points and nodes that are given to pregnant women during each session relieve pressure on these areas, soothe them and eventually make life better for expecting mothers.


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