Do’s and don’ts of pregnancy massage that you must follow

Are you an expecting mother? Then you must acknowledge the fact that along with the happiness of bringing the bundle of joy into your family, you have to encounter your regular saga of aches and pains.  

Body massage & spa in Singapore

Most regrettably, you will not be prescribed medicines for reducing these pains at this stage of your life because it may not be good for the baby inside you. But pregnancy massage proves to be the most effective treatment during this period which does not have any negative side effects at all. 

However, as being pregnant makes you most vulnerable so you need to take care of certain do’s and don’ts too.  So, here are these for you. Watch out!

  • Don’t : Avoid plunging in hot tubs

The professionals working at the best spa in Singapore suggest that you must never go for hot tubs when you are pregnant.

The increased temperature of the hot tub that you would dive into is never favorable for the growing neonate inside you.  

You might be overwhelmed to know that the increased temperature of the hot water inside the tub can cause permanent damages to the spinal cord and the brain of your would-be born baby.

So, add this in your ‘don’ts’ list.

  • Do: Body polishing is just what you want

If you are in doubt whether you should go for body polishing when pregnant, the professionals will always give you thumbs up for it. 

These professionals justify their suggestion by remarking that the blood circulation inside your body should always be good when you are pregnant.

Now body polishing is a technique that involves executing massaging, stroking and scrubbing action all over your body. Eventually, you will experience increased blood circulation.

  • Don’t: Steam sauna is not for you

If you are fascinated with the pore cleansing attributes of steam sauna, refrain from any such temptations when you are pregnant.

Always bear it in mind that the enhanced temperature of the steam room where you usually head during sauna spa session is not at all good for the baby inside you. It may cause irreversible neural defects in the baby inside your womb too. 

So, never think of going for steam spa when you are expecting.

  • Do: Massaging is highly recommended

You are absolutely free to treat yourself to a massaging session when you are pregnant.

The gentle stroking, chapping, slicing and fisting actions that the masseur incorporates during the massaging session regularize blood circulation inside your body. This encourages better blood flow into the brain and other vital organs of the neonate too and aids in its healthy development. Further, an invigorating massaging session will also serve miraculously in boosting your energy and eliminating all the pregnancy related stress.


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